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The 30-Day FlowTox Cleanse
Cleanse your body, mind and soul!Introducing the 30-Day FlowTox Cleanse!

Sugar and processed food addiction is one of the biggest health problems in America. Most people don’t even realize that some of the foods they are eating are harming their health, let alone know that they are addicted to them! Even so-called “health foods” have toxic, hidden ingredients that are causing inflammation in our bodies, compromising our digestive health, and making it difficult to feel and look the best we can, in the one and only body we get in this lifetime.

This carefully constructed program was designed by a nutrition specialists, personal trainers and yoga teachers with more than 10 years experience in the health and fitness industry. This unique combination of nutrition and the mind-body aspect of yoga is a system that works! It is designed to make you not only feel better, but live more intuitively and mindfully!

The 30-Day FlowTox Cleanse will help you hit the “reset” button, and make healthier choices you can continue with for life!


– A detailed PDF ebook that will teach you more about the food you are eating and how it is affecting you!

– 24 hour access to an amazing support group of coaches and fellow detoxers through a private Facebook forum

– Powerful continuous education lead by nutrition and exercise specialists

– Guidance explaining what to expect, how to beat cravings, what foods to avoid, foods to include, how to maximize your metabolism, how to improve gut health and how to find what foods will and will not work for YOU! (Remember, this is a “no one size fits all” approach).

– A daily informative newsletter to keep you motivated each morning

– PDF printable Grocery lists, shopping tips and nutrition information

– An exclusive private grocery store tour (video!)

– Private log in to the Flowtox community accessing exclusive videos, yoga workouts, recipes, weekly nutrition and exercise blog posts delivered right to your inbox, a healthier body & mind, and SO MUCH MORE!

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